BC Boat & Sportsmen Show

HUGE NEWS TODAY! Two things actually.

1- I am going to be presenting at BC Boat & Sportsmen's show in Abbotsford, B.C. March 3, 4, and 5th.

BC’S LARGEST BOATING, FISHING, HUNTING AND SPORTSMEN’S SHOW! Will any of you be there? I will be covering A LOT of information, so drop by if you have a chance.

A few things I’ll be covering (and not limited to): lake and river techniques, casting, and fly-tying. 
Link to check it out: http://www.bcboatandsportsmenshow.ca/

Make sure you let us know if you are going and come find us!

2- We have four more episodes up on our WEBTV site! If you weren’t able to to catch all of Series 21, you can do it now anywhere you want...even in your underwear. Head over to our site today to sign up, so you can watch over 130+ full length epsidoes: https://sportfishingonthefly.wildapricot.org/