Bulldog with... Chironomids?

Bulldog here- I know it may come as a shock to many of you but there are times that I do actually fish with a strike indicator, and this method works particularly well for fishing Chironomids.

Don and Brian love their indicator fishing and I will be out on the lakes with them a lot this spring so I thought I should start putting together some fly boxes and indicators in time for ice off. And so they can stop making jokes out of me.

I am busy building a box full on chironomid patterns, most of which I have covertly stolen from both Don and Brian’s stashes, but I have I even gone so far as to obtain a few special “buzzers” from my friends in the U.K. to use as secret weapons to try and out fish those guys using indicators, wouldn’t that be a twist.

I am looking forward to a great spring lake fishing season and being able to shout out the words that I hear so often from those other two………….. “Bobber Down”.

I still prefer casting and stripping my sinking lines but there are certainly occasions when indicator fishing is the way to go, or visa versa depending on conditions, hatches, etc.

What is your preferred method of lake fishing? (comment below)