Happy Birthday Don


Happy Birthday, Don Freschi!

Enjoy the movie that Kale put together for you and we hope the rest of the Sport Fishing On The Fly and Don Freschi Fishing On The Fly fans can help us celebrate a very inspiring and innovative man’s birthday today!

Cheers from the entire team!

The crew at On The Fly Productions has a little something to say on your special day…

“Happy Birthday to my little brother, I still remember when we were kids having to constantly save you from drowning by grabbing you by the hair as you floated past me and dragging you out of the river because you had waded too deep trying to reach the BIG fish rising on the far side, and will forever carry the many scars and chunks of missing flesh on my head and back as reminders of your early efforts at launching the BIG cast” - Dale Freschi

“Happy Birthday to my bobber buddy Don! So many of our angling friends and fans of SFOTF don't understand our fascination with watching a bobber go down but I could not ask for a nicer person to share a boat with and watch in awe as the indicators go down. Here's to more bobbles, drive by's and dunks and great days on the water!” - Brian Chan

“Happy Birthday Don. Thanks for inspiring me and helping me to become a better fly fisherman. Fishing with you is always a blast, and I always learn a lot! I hope you have a great day.” - Kale Stanchuk

Happy Birthday Don! We haven't even officially met yet - we need to get on that - but I am glad and excited to be a part of this team! Hope you have a great day! 
~ Jacqueline Hood

“I am the newest member to your team, so I have nothing really to say. JUST KIDDINGGG!  :) It has been a little over a month since I joined On The Fly Productions and it has been an honor to work for you and the team and to be able to see the amazing impact you and the rest of the crew have on the fishing industry. It is insanely inspiring, to say that least, and I can’t wait to see how the shows will be able to impact and change people’s experiences in life. Happy Birthday and here’s to many more amazing days to come for you!” - Kim Gorski

“What to say on your special day to the biggest pain in my a##? lol just kidding:) You constantly keep me challenged, on my toes, inspired and you push me to be the best I can be. Obviously, I’m new to the fly-fishing world, but watching you and the boys do something that you are so passionate about and learning more and more each week has really opened my eyes to this incredible sport. Nothing is better than seeing people do what they love day in and out - this is you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get ready for this next year cause we have amazing things planned!" ~ Charlotte Ferreux

Once again, Happy Birthday Don!