Join the Team

Over the last 20 + years we have felt such pride and joy to see where Sport Fishing On The Fly came from and is at now. It still amazes Dale, Brian, and myself how far we have come. That has a lot to do with our fans and our sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without you and thank you for supporting us over the many years.

We have been busy over the last few months connecting with our current sponsors and potential sponsors to be part of our team. Our team is like no other and I am not just saying that because I “may” be biased.

I have started and managed many businesses in my lifetime (lay off the old jokes!) and this hobby-turned-business has brought a lot of people enjoyment and a lot of value to our sponsors.

We are revving up for 2017 to connect with more sponsorship for our Series 22. We look forward to speaking with anyone that is interesting is teaming up for 2017. Our sponsorship ranges for what our sponsors contribute, so if this is something that is a good fit for you...don’t hesitate to reach out. If it is not a fit for you, please keep us in mind with anyone that you think it would be a great fit for.

You can reach out to Charlotte Ferreux or myself to talk directly about our sponsorship packages.