Look What Dale Caught

Look at what Dale “Bulldog” Freschi caught! The Chinook Salmon.

Chinook Salmon can be very intimidating to target on the fly as they are the largest and arguably strongest of the Salmon species, it is no wonder they are referred to as “King” salmon.

We fished specifically for Chinook salmon several years ago on the Campbell River, but more recently we had hooked into them as an incidental catch while targeting other species.

The pic shows one of these “Kings" landed while fishing for other species on some of the rivers in the Terrace area, and Series 17, Episode 7 of SFOTF shows an example of this on the Kitimat River.


We intend to once again target Chinook Salmon on our annual trip to Terrace next year and will show you some of the setups and techniques for hooking and hopefully landing these tackle-busting monsters on the fly.