New Flies Available


Dale and I with a nice Skeena River Steelhead with ‘Brent’s Purple Enticer’ visible in its mouth.

The creator of the ‘Enticer’ pattern is our good friend and expert fly tier Brent Schlenker. Brent originally tied this fly in several sizes for trout in various colours such as olive, brown, tan and black which produced well over the years in both lakes and rivers. 

We now have two Enticers for sale plus a handful of new flies on the website! 

Anika's Red and Black Intruder
Brent's Purple Enticer
Brent's Pink Enticer
Columbia River Nymph (Olive Green)
AND "The Bruiser" IS BACK IN STOCK! 

You can check them out on the website now:

Here's a little story behind the Enticer:

A few years ago a friend was heading on a salmon/steelhead trip and asked Brent if he thought the ‘Enticer’ might work for these species if they were tied in brighter colours. 

Brent gladly whipped him up a few in his favorite salmon/steelhead colors (purple, pink, etc) to try as an experiment and it turned out to be an absolute killer pattern. 

He had the best trip of his life and often caught fish following other anglers through the runs and pools where their offering had been refused, but subsequently fell prey to his ‘Enticer’.

We have now been utilizing this simple but effective fly on all of our salmon/steelhead trips. 

The fly is nicely balanced with weighting that gets down to the fish, and the rabbit breathes life over the body of ice dub which gives it a little sparkle to help “entice” a strike. It is a consistent producer and can be fished both swinging or dead drifted, it is a “must have” in any salmon or steelheader’s arsenal of flies. 

The “Enticer” fly is now available for purchase in the SFOTF online store