Prepping for the BC Boat & Sportsmen's Show

It doesn’t look pretty but this is the real deal behind the scenes getting ready for the 26th edition of the BC Boat & Sportsmen's Show.

I have big line up of presenting and I am plugging away to make sure I bring you guys a ton of value.

Here is the line up. Which are you most excited to attend and/or would like to hear/see more on here? Comment below with your number(s).

Friday March 3, 2017
1. 12:30 Mercury Stage-River Techniques
2. 4:00 Casting Pond-Advancing the Cast
3. 6:30 Tying Theatre-SFOTF Favourites (New time)

Saturday March 4, 2017
4. 1:00 Tying Theatre-SFOTF Favourites
5. 4:00 Casting Pond-Advancing the Cast

Sunday March 5, 2017
6. 10:30 Mercury Stage-Stillwater Techniques
7. 1:00 Casting Pond-Advancing the Cast