Fly Tying


Hook: Mustad Dry Fly Size 12

Thread: 8/0 Olive Dun

Tail: Barred Dun Hackle Fibers

Body: Hare's Ear Dubbing

Rib: Small Copper Wire

Wings: 2 Grizzly Hackle Tips

Hackles: Barred Dun and Grizzly

Take a few Dun hackles fibers, measure the length of the hook and tie in for the tail.

Slide on glass bead to eyelet and then tie in a smal piece of white fentex for the tail.

Tie in 2 grizzly hackle tips for the wings.

Dub hare's ear onto thread or form a dubbing loop.

Wrap acetate floss forward to form the body.

Wrap wire forward to rib the fly.

Tie in a dun and grizzly hackle by the butt.

Wrap in both hackles, one at a time, to fill in the legs of the fly.

The finished Adams is one of the best dry fly patterns you will ever fish!

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