Emerging Caddis

  • Hook: TMC 2487 Size 16
  • Thread: 8/0 Black
  • Shuck: Medium Olive Antron
  • Body: Black Fentex Yarn
  • Wingcase: Medium Olive Antron
  • Wing: Light Elk hair

Tie in some olive antron for the shuck and wingcase.


Tie in the black fentex yarn for the body.


Wrap fentex around hook to form the body.


Pull half of the olive antron forward over the body to form the wingcase.


Tie in some light elk hair to form the wing.


Cut the elk hair to form a head on the fly.


Whip finish and the fly is ready.

About the Fly:

This is an excellent caddis emerger fly. It works well when the fish are taking the caddis as it makes its way to the surface. When you see the dorsal fin of the fish and not the head, then you know they are taking something just below the surface.

How to fish the fly:

The best part of this fly is you can fish it dry and wet all in the same cast. We like to use a 12"-18" tippet of fluorcarbon before the fly. This gives it the needed stealth when retrieving it underwater. We also like to put the wet floatant on this fly, but only on the elk hair! Cast the fly and fish it as you would a normal dry fly with a fiarly good drift (some movement is good with caddis!), then as the fly finishes it's drift, allow it to be pulled under the surface, then slowly retrieve the fly. When fish are taking the emerger, we get 7 out of 10 fish with this fly being slowly stripped through where the fish are feeding!