Green Bass Popper

  • Hook: Mustad 1/0 Offset Hook
  • Thread: Bright Green Mono
  • Tail: Light Olive Marabou
  • Body: Olive Green Deer Hair
  • Eyes: Large Rattle Eyes
  • Weed Guard: 15-20 Pound Clear Mono
  • Head Finish: Loons Clear Hard Head Finish

Tie on the thread and wrap in 15 pound monofilament to the bend in the hook and set it to the back for later.


Tie in some light olive marabou for the tail.


Stack some olive green deer hair and tie in for a collar over the marabou, and allow the excess to spin to start the body.


Start spinning deer hair to form the body, make sure you push the deer hair back nice and firm between each clump.


Continue spinning in the deer hair until you reach the offset of the hook.


Whip finish to get the thread out of the way for trimming.


Trim the body to form the popper shape. Trim the bottom flat and as close as you can to the hook without cutting off anything important.


Then trim the rest of the body until you have a good popper shape. Trim the bottom first. Trim slowly!


Retie in your thread at the eyelet, and finish tying in the weed guard. The mono should just cover the bottom of the hook!


Whip finish and flare the front deer hair with some hard head finish.


Put some hard head finish where you want to place the rattle eye, then put the eye into place.