Jennings Ultimate Boatmen

  • Hook: TMC 9300 Size 10
  • Thread: 6/0 Olive
  • Legs: Green Superfloss or Flexifloss
  • Body: 1/2" Slim Tan Foam
  • Coloring: Pantone Tria Pens (Olive, Bright Green, Red, and Black)
  • Back sealant: Aquaseal
  • Under sealant: Flexament
  • Cutting Tool: Razor Blade

Color flat side of foam body with olive pantone pen using the large end of pen.


Make a slice in the foam, lengthways about 1/16" deep with razor blade.


Make some leg slots 1/16" deep halfway down the body at a 5 to 10 degree angle forward (towards the thick part of the foam).


Wrap thread onto hook creating a good foundation and end thread near the center of the hook where the legs will be put on.


Cut some 2-3" long section of superfloss for the legs.


Tie the legs onto the hook where the leg slots match the foam and whip finish off the thread.


Apply a small amount of Aquaseal to the thread and around the legs with a needle or bodkin.


Push foam body onto hook (flat side up) and pull legs into slots, making sure the legs point forward at a 5-10 degree angle.


Coat back (flat side) with Aquaseal and allow Aquaseal to dry, overnight, on a spare vice or styrofoam block.


After Aquaseal is dry, push the legs forward until they cross (about 3/8" past body) and cut the legs where they cross, with scissors. Each leg should be about 5/8" long.


Hold the hook with forceps or vise and begin to color. Color the head with bright green pen (Medium end).


Create a wineglass shape on the belly with some chevron marking on each side using the black pen (Medium end).


Put two eyes on the fly, to each side of the eyelet of the hook, with the red pen (Medium end).


After pen ink has dried (about 5 mins), cover the colored body with Flexament, being sure not to touch the legs (legs will curl if you touch them with Flexament).


Allow the Flexament to dry and the fly is ready for those special boatmen mating flights of the fall.