• Hook: Size 10 Mustad S31 Dry Fly Hook
  • Thread: UTC 70 Black
  • Tail: Natural Deer Hair
  • Body: Peacock Herl
  • Wing: Natural Deer Hair
  • Back: Natural Deer Hair

Tie in a good base of black thread.


Tie in a small clump of deer hair, extend the deer hair about a hook length behind the hook and tie it in to the front of the hook to help build up the body. Stacking the deer hair first is a good idea.


Tie in another stacked clump of deer hair, just slightly longer than the hook. This will be brought forward later.


Tie in at least 6 strands of peacock herl and wrap it forward. Us as much of the peacock herl as you can to build up a nice fat body. Then tie it off at the front of the fly.


Move your tying thread back about 1/4" and pull over the deer hair to form the back of the fly. Wrap over the deer hair a couple of time, but do not cut off the excess deer hair.


Now wrap in front of the deer hair, this will help the deer hair stand up which gives the fly the good surface emerger look.


Whip finish in front of the deer hair.


Keep the fly nice and dry when fishing.


This is how the fly looks to the fish in the water!