Stone Bugger

  • Hook: Size 6 TMC 2302
  • Thread: Wapsi UTC 70 Black
  • Tail: Brown Marabou
  • Weight: 0.020 Lead Wire
  • Wingcase: Flexcement Covered Turkey Feather
  • Body: Fiery Brown Angora Goat Dubbing
  • Legs: Hungarian Partridge

Start by wrapping lead wire onto hook and cover about 2/3’s of hook.


Tie in thread and secure both ends of lead so it will not slide on hook.


Tie in brown marabou for the tail. Make it the length of the hook and wrap in excess material to build up the body.


Cut a 2" long by 1/4" wide section of turkey feather and tie it in at the base of the base with the flexcemented side DOWN.


Dub in a small 1/4" section of fiery brown angora goat at the base of the fly.


Cut a "V" in a partridge feather to create legs for the fly.


Position the legs so they face to the tail of the fly and tie in over the dubbed area.


Pull the turkey feather over the legs to form a wingcase and tie off.


Pull the excess turkey back over the wingcase just tied in.

Repeat steps 5 to 9 until you have 3-4 wingcases on the fly.


Whip finish, head cement and the fly is ready for the water.