Tom Thumb

  • Hook: Size 14 Dry Fly Hook
  • Thread: 8/0 Black
  • Tail: White Yearling Elk Hair
  • Body: White Yearling Elk Hair
  • Wing: White Yearling Elk Hair

Tie in a large clump of Elk Hair to form the tail and help fill in the body.


Tie in another STACKED clump of Elk Hair and tie in, BY THE BUTTS, to create the body. Make sure there is enough Elk Hair left to pull over the body and form the wing!!!


Wrap your thread to the front of the hook. Take the remaining Elk Hair and pull the entire section over the body and tie off near the eyelet to create the wing.


Whip finish and head cement. The key to tying this fly is proportions. Make sure that the tail is about as long as the wing!