Quick Tip 02

On this Quick Tip, Brian Chan informs Don about two programs that the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC is running to help promote fishing within the province of British Columbia. The first program is called Fishing Buddies, from the Go Fish BC website:

What is the Fishing Buddies Program about? You know how much fishing has enriched your life – you’ve connected with nature, learned a new skill and bonded with friends. The Fishing Buddies program is a free and easy way for you to pass your passion for fishing onto someone new.

Simply make a promise to introduce somebody - a friend, colleague, neighbour or relative – to the activity you love. Once you make the promise, you will receive the GoFish, BC! e-newsletter with stocking information, tips and stories on the best of angling in B.C. As an added bonus, enter the Fishing Buddies Contest to win exciting prizes including books, DVD’s, fishing gear and BC Adventure Prizes!

They are also running a program called Help Kids Go Fish BC.

If you would like more information, visit these links: