Coho Killers

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  • Brent’s Pink Enticer (4 Per Pack)
  • Brent’s Purple Enticer (4 Per Pack)
  • Kelsey’s Hope (4 Per Pack)

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The two best colours we have found for Steelhead and Pacific Salmon are Purples and Pinks, so you can see why we offer the enticers in these two colors. The Pink Enticer really shines when you have Coho and Steelhead in the system, since both fish will hit this fly. We tend to use the Pink Enticer when water clarity is good and the sun is out. You’ll catch fish in all types of water clarity and weather conditions if you carry both Enticers in your box. Best used with sink-tip lines on Single or Double hand rods on river systems.


Brent Schlenker has developed numerous patterns for SFOTF over the years but what sets his patterns apart from many others is that his patterns catch fish!! The Purple Enticer was designed by Brent for both Trout and Steelhead but has turned out to be one of the best overall Steelhead flies there is. We have used this pattern successfully year after year and NO other pattern works as consistently, on Steelhead, as the Purple Enticer. Best used with sink-tip lines on Single or Double hand rods on river systems.


This is the BEST Coho pattern we have ever used!! Nick Didlick created this pattern for Coho on the Pitt River near Vancouver, BC and named the pattern after his daughter Kelsey. We have caught Coho in the salt and freshwater using this pattern and it has always produced. Is extremely effective when Coho are staging in the saltwater and when the rivers are low and clear.

1 review for Coho Killers

  1. Jim Davidson (verified owner)

    Just finished an all day float trip chasing coho on the Squamish River. Nothing was working until I tied on Kelsey’s Hope just before the end of the day. Hooked a nice coho on the first cast, then a couple more. Can I buy those alone, instead of as part of a pack? I still have lots of the other coho killers, but am out of the Kelsey’s Hope

    • Don Freschi

      Hi Jim, great to hear and yes, just order the Coho Pack and enter a comment that you would just like Kelseys Hope. I’ll also note your name so the team knows.

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