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Chironomid Lifecycle Pack

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  • Don’s Silver Bullet (4 Per Pack)
  • Brian’s Bomber Bloodworm (4 Per Pack)
  • The Micro Bugger (4 Per Pack)

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Don’s Silver Bullet (4 Per Pack)
This is Don’s favourite DEEP line chironomid pattern. It has a tungsten bead to get it deep fast and hold it in the zone. This fly fishes best in water over 12 feet deep and when light levels are bright. Best fished on a full sink line, straight down or using a long leader with an indicator

Brian’s Bomber Bloodworm (4 Per Pack)
This is Brian Chan’s version of chironomid larva, which are also called bloodworms. This pattern is extremely effective just before or during a chironomid hatch and fished near the lake bottom, where the larva are present. Most effective fished on an indictor right on the lake bottom.

The Micro Bugger (4 Per Pack)
When a chironomid hatch is in full swing and the fish are feeding near the surface, the Micro Bugger should be your go-to fly! The Micro Bugger is best fished just below the surface using a dry or clear intermediate sink line. Use a very slow, twitchy retrieve when using both lines.


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